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St. Lucia News 
Caribbean denounces Trump’s decision to put Cuba back on terrorism list; hopes for a reversal with Biden
Some expect the Biden/Harris administration to re-establish a working relationship with the island; other Cuban commentators find that unlikely. Either way, CARICOM wants Cuba taken off the US' terrorism list.

Google Doodle of economist and Nobel laureate Sir Arthur Lewis makes the Caribbean proud
The St Lucian-born economist, who became known for his “Lewis model” of economic development, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 1979.

The Caribbean's case for reparations: Part III
Reparatory justice can play an important role in dealing with challenges like disease, climate change and COVID-19, all of which pose existential threats to the region.


What is a design?

A design is the ornamental or aesthetic appearance of a product produced by an industrial process. The design refers to the shape and form of a product, for instance, the special shape of a bottle or chair may constitute an industrial design.

As a general rule, an industrial design consists of:
(i) Three dimensional features such as the shape of a product;
(ii) Two dimensional features such ornamentations, patterns, lines or colour of a product; and,
(iii) A combination of one or more such features.

The law governing Industrial Designs

The law governing the procedure for obtaining an industrial design  in Saint Lucia is the Act No. 2 of 2001of the Laws of Saint Lucia.