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This section will help you complete online transactions with the ROCIP quickly and successfully.

Why should I use the OCRS? What is the benefit to me?

The OCRS allows you to conduct business with ROCIP online which will save you the time and hassle associated with having to visit the office several times. In addition, it will speed up the process of incorporating a company or registering a business.

Is the information submitted secure?

All information that you submit while completing your name search or applications are guaranteed 100% secure. ROCIP assures you that your information is private and will be kept safe.

Do I need a log on to use the OCRS?

If you are going to conduct a simple search to see of a company or business name is registered, you do not need to be a registered user. You simply log on to the website and conduct your search. However, once you are going to commence a process of a name search for a company or business name or to submit an application for the same, you will need to register in order to use the service. You will need to go to the eServices tab which indicates that login is required. 

Do I need to provide identification to the Registry of Companies?

You do not need to provide identification to incorporate a company.

If I submit my application online, do I still need to submit the documents by hand to the Registry?

At this stage, you will still need to submit your documents in paper at the Registry to fulfil the registration process. The online registration system is a means of speeding up the process of registration and to reduce the number of visits you have to make to the office.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently, payment of fees can only be made at the Companies Registry. An electronic system for payment is not yet in place. Until e-legislation enabling this is passed in St. Lucia ROCIP can only accept payment in the form of cash and cheques. Personal cheques are not accepted.

How long will it take me to register my business?

With the online registration system, we expect registration to be completed in a maximum of 3 days.

How will I know if my applications are approved?

When you submit your forms or applications you would need to check back on the website to find out the status of your application. Whether your application is approved or not, you will be informed of the status once you log into your account. The date on which it was approved or not approved will also be indicated.

What happens when the process is completed?

Once the process is completed, you will be informed that it is and you would need to come into the Registry to collect your Certificate of Incorporation or Registration.

Is there a government agency that can assist me in completing my application form?

The Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU) can assist you in completing your application form. They are located on the 4th Floor of the Herladine Rock Building, Waterfront, Castries at the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Who should use the OCRS?

The OCRS is open to anyone who has access to a computer and an internet connection. However, our online system targets key users such as lawyers, accountants and the business community.




Who can form a company?

In order to form a company, a person must satisfy the following requirements under the Companies Act of Saint Lucia:

(a) must not be less than 18 years of age;

(b) must not be of unsound mind;

(c) must not have the status of a bankrupt.

What is a company?

In general terms a company is a legal entity which exists separate and apart from its owners. It is a legal person which can sue or be sued on its own. Under the Companies Act, a company is a body corporate that has been incorporated under the Companies Act of Saint Lucia.  


How is a company structured?

A company is formed by an incorporator. A company must have at least one director.

Within the company, there are officers such as the directors and secretary (ies). The directors of a company are responsible for managing the affairs and business of the company. There may be shareholders in a company who are not referred to as officers but they are really the owners of the company.


What are the different types of companies?

(a) Domestic companies (profit-making; non-profit; and external (foreign) companies). There are also public companies which are profit-making; however these companies distribute shares or debentures to the public.

(b) External companies, also commonly referred to as foreign companies. These are companies that have been incorporated under the laws of a country other than St. Lucia and are registered under the laws of Saint Lucia for the purpose of conducting business.


Why incorporate a company?

As mentioned before, a company is a legal person separate from its members. The company can be sued or sue in its own name without holding the members liable.


What are shares and shareholders?

Shares are that property in a company which is issued to persons in return for a proportion of the profits. Shares include the stock of the company. Shareholders are the owners of the shares in a company. The numbers of shares owned by the shareholders determines the level of control that they have over the company.


Do I need to go to a lawyer to incorporate a company?

A company can be incorporated by an individual without going to a lawyer. However, because of the legal aspects involved in forming a company, you might want to go to a lawyer. In addition, one of the documents to be submitted for the completion of the incorporation process must be done by an attorney-at-law, who must attest to the satisfaction of the requirements of incorporation. The incorporation of companies is done in accordance with the Companies Act of Saint Lucia. Anyone who has access to the laws and can understand with clarity the provisions relating to incorporating a company can do so on his or her own.


What information and documents do I need to supply?

See Documents and Procedures page.
Business Names 

Business Names

What is a business name?

A business name is a name under which business is conducted.

Who can register a business name?

Under the Registration of Business Names Act, a business name can be registered by:

(a) an individual

(b) a firm (2 or more individuals; or an individual and a company; or more than one individual and a company)

(c) a corporation

What is the difference between a company and a business name?

A company, as said before, is a legal person, separate from its members. A business name is a name under which business is conducted. It is not recognized as having this legal status as that of a company.

A company has obligations under the Companies Act to file Annual Returns with the Registry of Companies by April 1 each year. However, a business name has no such obligations. There are several other documents which must be filed by a company which are not required by the proprietor(s) of a business name.


What information and documents do I need to supply?

Documents Required for the Registration of Business Names:

 Name Search

 Application for Registration (Statement of Particulars)

 Statutory Declaration by Applicant

Procedure for Registration of Business Names:

 Proposed name must first be approved by the Registrar

 On approval the Application for Registration and Statutory Declaration must be submitted to the Registrar, along with the Approved Name Search form. A $2.50 stamp is required for the declaration.

 Prescribed Fee of $125.00 is to be paid to the Registrar.


Is there a time period within which to register a business?

Under the Business Names Act you must register your business within 28 days after you commence operation. Therefore, it is always advisable to register your business first then commence operation.


How much does it cost to register a business?

The fee is $125.00 plus a $2.50 stamp duty.


After my business name is registered, is there anything else that I need to do?

After you have registered your business, there may be some documents that you would have to file with the Registry. If there are any changes that occur in your business, for example, changes with the addresses of the business or of the proprietor(s); change in the names of the registered proprietors, you would have to file a Statement of Change of Particulars with the Registry indicating what the changes are.