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With a Little Help From Humans, the Caribbean's Birds Are Attempting a Post-Hurricane Comeback
Wildlife suffers from the effects of natural disasters too, and after the tough 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, conservationists across the Caribbean are helping bird populations to be resilient.

After Planting the Caribbean in Our Collective Imagination, Sir Derek Walcott, ‘One of the Great Poets of All Time’, Has Died
"He showed that even the most humble village on a tiny island on the fringes of the world could be a place of epic beauty and significance."

Choosing a Name 

Similar rules apply to the choice of a name, whether this is being used for a company or other form of business. In short, the name must not be confusing, misleading or offensive. More precisely,
A name must not be

  • the same as a name already on the register in Saint Lucia, or
  • so similar as to confuse or mislead.

It must not imply a connection with –

  • any part of government (unless approved by the Minister),
  • a political party or its leader, or
  • a university or professional association (unless there is a formal consent).

It must not give a false impression of –

  • the nature of the business,
  • how goods or services will be produced or supplied,
  • who will be employed, or
  • where its products or services will come from.

Finally, it must not be in any way objectionable.

Company names

The word "limited", "corporation" or "incorporated" or the abbreviation "ltd." or "corp." or "inc." must be part of the corporate name of every company. These terms should not be used in a business name.

Checking whether a name is available

We will list any names which include the word(s) you specify. Please consider carefully whether the name you are proposing is too like any of these names. If you submit an application to register a company or business name which is too like an existing name or which breaks any of the rules above, your application will be rejected.

Tip: To make a phonetic search, put "~" sign without quotes in front of desired name.